Script Collection

Handwritten by Jasmin

Jasmin came to the studio in May 2021. I reached out to the college, wanting to help a student who was struggling and needed a safe place to learn new skills, interact with people and grow in confidence. Jasmin was a very shy, polite, quiet young lady, I reassured her and quickly set her to work.

I had given her a notebook to record what she was doing in the shop and after she had left on that very first day I opened it.

On the very top line were the words “Don’t be mean to the colour green.” It was then that I fell in love with her handwriting.

Jasmin’s handwriting is now a major port of SLOGUNZ.STUDIO and can be seen on Tshirts, hoodies and around the shop as well as in our SCRIPT collection.


We also offer a bespoke service where Jasmin will write the personalised quote or message for the individual by hand and then it can be printed on a garment of their choice. We will then send the original artwork to the customer included in the price.

Jasmin has requested that a percentage of the proceeds go to a charity, she is still deciding which one she would like.